the program 

BAM! is a captivating, high energy, 45 minute-1 hour

crowd interactive motivational assembly.  It builds

self esteem, encourages self discipline, and inspires 

all who experience it to go after their dreams by

being the best they can be!


It addresses bullying, working hard for good grades,

setting goals, "baby-stepping" toward them,

and getting along with others regardless of our



Visual object lessons clearly illustrate the message

using comedy, fun props, team building demonstrations,

juggling, cool illusions, energetic music, and lots of audience participation!  Not to mention the whole crowd shouting "BAM!" every time something awesome happens!  


The whole thing promotes a GROWTH MINDSET in a huge way!  Each child realizes that regardless of “where they’re at” now, they can get smarter than ever before, stronger than ever, and succeed in their education, friendships, and life!  One major part of the assembly is called “EVERYBODY’S SMART!”  It deals with the fact that everyone is smart at different things, and that’s why we all need each other, and can work together for the “big picture”!  Too many kids believe they’re not smart when actually we all need to find what we’re smart at!  When we realize this we’ll even grow in our weaker areas.  Giant BAM acronym signs "hammer home" the BAM! message... Be your BEST, Aim for your GOALS, MOVE FORWARD! 


The whole thing happens in front of our huge "BAM!" backdrop that transforms the performance space into a whole new world!  We also bring our own professional sound system so that the message is loud and clear!


Perhaps the most important part of "BAM!" is that it's not a "flash in a pan" fun show that will be forgotten in few days.

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