the movement



Kids love to say "BAM!"  Actually "BAM!" is just pretty fun for anyone to say.  You can use it as an exclamation of victory.  It can proclaim amazement at an incredible feat.  How about using it when a prank has been well executed?  It's a very diverse "word".


So let's take this little word and add a whole lot of meaning behind it.  Let's use it as a bridge to build character, and to remind us there's a better way to take on life.  Let's make it our theme, our anthem, our banner!


We've made BAM into an acronym...

If we strive to be the best we can be, always have something to work toward, long term and short term, and take the baby steps to get there, we'll get so much further in life, and with so much more fulfillment than sitting around shooting for nothing!  We want kids to get excited early in their life about working hard for worthy purposes!

Before BAM arrives at your school you'll get BAM poster for your classrooms.  The anticipation begins to build a week before the program as you keep telling the students, "BAM is coming here!"

You can start bringing up different topics about improving grades, getting along with others, preventing bullying, setting goals for life, etc.

When the day comes... it happens!  BAM!  The whole student body is gripped with excitement, hearing and SEEING these themes and messages brought to life!  

One of the best parts is the "Bamerang" (soft foam indoor safe boomerang) when the kids learn how our words and actions go out, affect others, and always come back to us!

But when the show is over BAM is just getting started!  Now you have a direct way to sum up everything it's about in just one word... BAM!  When a class starts getting noisy... "Students, is that how we BAM?"  "Who wants to BAM this test instead of "bomb" this test?!"

The posters are still on the walls giving a "mantra" to remember, to encourage, and to carry them through life!

When will your school join the movement?!

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