A very good program. The message was timely...I'm sure the students will remember DJ's message.


The program was very entertaining and had a great underlying message.  DJ did a great job.


DJ does a great job of getting his message across while keeping the kids totally engaged.

D.J. Edwards grabbed the attention of the staff and students!  Everyone was engaged and inspired with the presentation!


Katherine Pointer- Community and Parent Specialist

Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, St Louis



This was the best we’ve had!  We truly enjoyed this upbeat program!  D.J., you connected with the kids and teachers on a relatable level.  I can’t express how exciting it is for me to see the wonder and excitement of the kids!   Keep it up!


Tina Garner

Lesterville Elementary



The best!  This program was a lot of fun for staff and students.  The participation was the best.  They laughed, and were amazed and intrigued.  He reinforced and reminded the students of our code of conduct and praised them for being well behaved.


Laura Momot, Principal

North County Elementary, Bonne Terre, MO



This was great!  Very entertaining.  D.J. easily gets the kid’s attention, and they are amazed!


Becky Yount, Counselor

West County Elementary, Leadwood, MO



This was our first experience with D.J.  We were very happy.  It was entertaining, appropriate, perfect length of time, and kept everyone’s interest.  Thank you for visiting our school!  We look forward to seeing you again!


Terah Comia, Director

St Martin’s Learning Center

Dittmer, MO



We really enjoyed it!  Great job!


Chris Bumgardaner, Teacher

Antonia Elementary, Antonia, MO



I like the message D.J. weaves into the performance while he has the kid’s attention.


Kelly Isringhaus, Teacher

MCS, Milstadt, IL


Excellent message, well delivered in an interesting and engaging fashion!


Randy Crites, Principal

Bismarck Elementary School,  Bismarck, MO



D.J. Edwards was an outstanding performer at our school!  Students, teachers, and parents enjoyed his interactive assembly.  His creativity was very contagious!  Students were able to visualize and interact with his performance.  The feedback from our community on his visit was very positive. We will have him back very soon!


L. Brown, Principal 

Potosi Elementary School, Potosi, MO