The BAM Show is the culmination of the best of the best of 25 years of motivational school assemblies!  It’s just now being launched after 2 years of preparation, and you’ll be one of the first to experience it! 

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How long does a “BAM” assembly last?


Keep in mind that the “BAM” assembly is only 1 of 3 stages of the entire movement.

Phase 1- Teachers start using the “BAM” posters 1 or 2 weeks before the big event to build momentum and excitement about the incredible show they’re getting ready to experience!  We supply the posters, and an easy to follow guide for the teachers in preparing “the atmosphere”. 


Phase 2- The actual “BAM” assembly is between 45 – 55 minutes  of crowd interactive fun, with a “variety show” of creative performance, seamlessly woven into the message to Be Your BEST, Aim for your GOALS, and Move FORWARD!


Phase 3- Your school now has a “mantra” that sums up a BIG MESSAGE in a little word!  Make “BAM” part of your regular vocabulary.  “Is that how we BAM when we speak to our teachers?”  “Is that the way we BAM in treating our classmates with respect?”  “Do you want to bomb this spelling test, or do you want to BAM this spelling test?!”


What ages are a good fit for “BAM”?


“BAM” is designed to captivate children from Kindergarten-6th grade, with lots of color, action, kid-sized comedy, and a message simple enough for anyone to understand.



What does the school need to provide to host “BAM”?


BAM will be one of the easiest programs your school has ever hosted.  We bring our own backdrop, sound system, props, etc.

What we need from you:

1.  A performance area- Our “back” needs to be “against a wall”.  We need an area at least 12 feet wide, and 20 feet deep (between wall and first row of kids).  It’s best if the audience is basically out in front of the performance area, not directly out to the sides.  Many of our props “pack flat” so the direct side view isn’t always as exciting. 

2.  The closer we are to a power outlet, the better. 

3.  4 "kid-sized" chairs that will be used during the performance for an awesome team building exercise with 4 audience volunteers.

4.  2- 8’ tables wherever the students will be exiting after the assembly.



Is our student body too big for a single assembly?


It would be very rare for the crowd to be too big for the show.  500+ kids could easily see and hear all the fun.


If you have a reason that you would like more than one performance we can definitely accommodate that with just a short break between shows.  An additional performance while we are already present and set up is only $150.00


What can we expect to see during the show?


D.J. Edwards is a 25 year veteran motivational speaker, and family entertainer.  He has an uncanny ability to connect to a wide variety of ages, and backgrounds.


The show centers around conveying the encouraging message of doing everything to the best of our ability, setting goals, and baby-stepping toward our dreams in a real and practical way.


He uses giant signs to show the meaning of the “BAM” acronym, and illustrates every point in a big way through juggling, team building demonstrations, comedy, cool illusions, and the very special “BAMERANG”.  (The Bamerang shows us how important it is to aim for the right things in life, and also how all of our decisions leave us, affect others, and return to us with either positive, or negative results.)


What is the financial investment to host a “BAM” movement?


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